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How is compost different than loam or topsoil? Loam varies in quality and content but is often low in nutrients and lacking in the qualities of healthy soil. Compost is a nutrient rich soil amendment … more
The weather has been unpredictable and increasingly severe in the last few years. What can I do to protect my trees against damaging winds and weather conditions? There are many accepted management … more
The Savory Grape has a reputation for having a really interesting selection of wines. What are you excited about drinking this fall? Fall is my favorite season, especially as it relates to food and … more
I’m hosting the holidays at my house. Do I have time to refresh my kitchen before then? Absolutely. September is the time to look at the interior of our home in preparation for the holidays and … more
I want to remodel my kitchen. Where do I start? A great way to browse for ideas is at a Riverhead Building Supply Design Showroom, which have displays that allow you to feel the quality and get a … more
What is your design philosophy? I rely on classical arrangements of rooms, proportion and scale to right a home. Then, I introduce modern details like layered lighting and sink-into sofas. As a … more
How do I protect my trees from invasive species like winter moths? What about once I’ve spotted them? Unfortunately, once you have seen winter moth damage, it’s generally too late to get … more
Is it really true that the darker the roast, the more caffeine the coffee has? This is a very common misconception. In the roasting process a very small amount of caffeine is burned off. But the … more