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5 Ways to Take Care of Your Beard this Winter

Beard care with Rhody-made grooming supplies


In college you grew a beard because you were lazy. But now you’re a grownup, and your beard should be considered as carefully as your haircut. Especially during winter months, when dry skin underneath your whiskers might be out of sight but certainly not out of mind, proper beard and skin care is a must.

A Tidy Beard
A weekly trim is essential, especially for guys with longer, wiry facial hair. Even if you’re going for big and bushy, regular maintenance will keep everything looking sharp and clean. “Keeping it trimmed once a week, even if it’s just getting those dry ends off, is a good thing to do,” says Steve DiLorenzo, manager at Roosters Men’s Grooming Center in East Greenwich. “The longer the beard, the more you want to pay attention to those things.”

Moustache Wax
Just like a good pomade will keep your hair in check, a moustache wax is essential for fellas who want to exhibit the same control on their face. Newport Seafoam Trading Company in Newport offer three scented varieties of their Epic ‘Stache Wax – Bay Rum and Lime, ladies? – to keep your whiskers from getting wild.

Clean and Combed
Since you can’t exactly exfoliate your skin when you’re rocking a full beard, Master Barber Cheryl Dumont of Chez Moustache in Providence insists that guys keep their beards trimmed and clean: “Shampoo it with a beard shampoo and condition it. The worst part of the change of season is around the top lip. I suggest a balm or a good oil. The biggest thing is to keep it combed and groomed.”

Stay Dry, Not Flaky
Obviously you want to keep your beard clean. Go nuts. Just remember to dry it well. Those unsightly flakes that sprinkle your chest come from not sufficiently drying the skin underneath all that hair. A moisturizing product wouldn’t hurt either. A good beard oil is key to keeping sensitive skin moisturized underneath the canopy of your face forest while keeping your beard soft and tame. Organical Botanical in East Greenwich offers a Beard Oil that will keep your coat soft and shiny, and cut back on dry, itchy skin.

Shaving Soap

Being a burly beast, you may want to emerge from the winter and shed some of that extra seasonal fur. After taking care of your face all season, it’s time to start from scratch. Newport’s Shore Soap Company Shaving Soap that’s an all-natural and old school means to a fresh start. Whip up the lather with a nice boar bristle brush and start counting down to Movember.