9 Home Delivery Services that Keep Your Weekends Chore Free

You've always hated doing errands, so have a Rhode Island based service check things off your to-do list.


Gourmet Tastes Right in Your Kitchen
Frozen food takes on a new meaning when it’s been professionally prepared in your own home by a personal chef. The chefs behind My Chef Lara customize menus to your tastes and diet preferences, do the grocery shopping and cook up a storm in your kitchen. Your fridge and freezer gets stocked for days, and you reap the delicious benefits. Bon appetit!

We’re fortunate to have so many farms in Little Rhody, and even luckier to have Veggie Box. The $25 weekly subscription, brought to you by Farm Fresh Rhode Island, delivers locally grown produce straight to your door. With recipe suggestions and info about the farm sent via email each week, it’s an easy (and healthy) way to eat your veggies.

Very Important Pets
Why “ruff” it by driving your furry friend to the groomer when Fur Kidz Mobile Pet Grooming will conveniently come to you. The traveling pet salon will pull up curbside in its decked out van equipped with a steel tub, shampoo stations and air dryers. Your pooch is bound to be the top dog of the neighborhood.

No pet likes a vet visit, and no owner does either. That’s why Creature Comforts Veterinary Services treats pets in the comfort of their own homes. Vaccinations, routine wellness care and dental procedures are just a few of the mobile services available. Tail wagging is optional.

Picking up poop is a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it. Thanks to Doody Calls Pet Waste Removal, that someone doesn’t have to be you. Not only will they scoop up around your yard, but they’ll also treat brown spots and deodorize outdoor areas.

Modern House Calls
Healthcare is ever evolving, and some doctors are changing along with it. Take Direct Doctors, as an example. The North Kingstown family medical practice does not accept insurance, but rather charges a monthly subscription fee that includes unlimited house visits and 24/7 access to the doctors via cell and email. Who would have thought that waiting rooms could be a thing of the past?

The milkman is such an old timey concept, but Munroe Dairy puts a modern spin on the service. Along with farm fresh milk, doorstep deliveries include locally made provisions from Narragansett Creamery and Daniele Foods and beloved Rhody staples like Blount soups and Gregg’s desserts.

Concierge Services
You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a personal assistant. In fact, all you need are some chores you can’t seem to accomplish. Enter Go 2 Girl RI, a personal concierge service that will help everyone from new parents to the elderly, and make travel arrangements and reservations for people and corporations. Take that, Hollywood.

Laundry is the great equalizer. We all have it and none of us have the time for it. And as soon as it’s all done, another load is already piling up. “No more,” says Get the Funk Out, a laundry and dry cleaning pick up and drop off service. Instead of spending hours lugging, switching and folding, the funky crew will take the time to get your whites, well, white.