Summer Guide

Art From the Ocean

6 local artists turn to the sea to make these stunning pieces for you and your home


Many of Rhode Island’s artists turn to the ocean as a source for inspiration, but some see it as a source for materials as well. These pieces turn the bounty of the sea into amazing works of art.

Sea Glass Mosaic by Gwyneth Wilson, SeaGlass Artist, made on Block Island from seaglass sourced from the island, $175

Seashell Sailor’s Valentine by Mermaid’s Baubles, made in Bristol from native Atlantic Bay seashells and East Bay oyster and quahog pearls, $375

Driftwood Wall Art (8”-12”) by The Woods Collective, made in Westerly with driftwood sourced from South County beaches, $25-$45

Traditional Narragansett Quahog Wampum Necklace by The Purple Shell (Facebook: The Purple Shell), made in Charlestown from native Quahog shells, prices starting at $500

Sea Glass Hamsa Earrings by Mermaid Tears Sea Glass Jewelry, made in Portsmouth from green bonfire sea glass sourced from Aquidneck Island, $8

Driftwood Coasters by Ocean State of Mind RI, made in South Kingstown with driftwood sourced from South County beaches, $22.95