Call Us Rhode Fashioned

We put a regional spin on this classic cocktail


As the days shorten, we tend to put away the paper parasols and patterned straws and trade drinks that resemble sunsets in a glass for something a little darker and dare we say, dignified. With so many local makers in the mix, we were inspired to create a concoction based on an Old Fashioned recipe and rename it the Rhode Fashioned. Rich and subtle and in the palette of the season, this drink is perfect for making a brisk evening oh-so-cozy.

Recipe for a Rhode Fashioned


- 2 ounces of Sons of Liberty Battle Cry American Single Malt Whiskey
- 2-4 dashes of King Ramsey Starfruit Bitters
- 1 mediume to large sugar cube
- 1 small peeled orange slice (keep peel for twist)
- 1 large fresh cherry
- a few dashes of water

In a small rocks or old fashioned glass add a large sugar cube, halved and pitted cherry, peeled orange slice, a few splashes of water, and 2-4 drops of Starfruit Bitters. Muddle well until sugar is dissolved (remove the cherry peel after muddling if not broken down). Add 2 ounces of whiskey and one large ice cube to the glass and stir. Twist the citrus peel to release the oils and run it around the rim of the glass, then drop into the cocktail and serve.