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Wireless chandeliers are a bright idea


After being unable to find a chandelier without the hassle of plugs, North Kingstown-based designer Nicole Ketchum decided to create her own version without lights. After two years of research and design, Chandelier by NK made its debut in January 2014. The suggestion to use acrylic as the base material came from her husband, also a designer. Acrylic is usable both indoors and outside, and its colorful nature “happily shines and casts fun shadows in the sun.” Nicole sometimes draws inspiration from current design trends, but her creations mainly stem from what she “just loves.” She suggests hanging her chandeliers within the home, such as, “above a child’s bed or crib, in a playroom, home office, or, in a kitchen window.” Last year, Nicole was asked by Disney to design over 20 custom chandeliers to decorate one of their stores. Her creations have also caught the attention of Mattel and People Magazine.