Fantastic plastic

The nerd-core collections in Julian’s bathroom will make you do a triple-take


Not everyone gets to share a bathroom with Han Solo. Or Darth Vader. Or the sculpted plastic heads of 200 Pez dispensers. But if you visit Julian’s, the funky little gastropub in Federal Hill, you can.

Julian’s is already famous for its dinner menu, craft beer selection, and a scrumptious brunch. All through the warmer months, friends cavort at bistro tables on the ample Broadway sidewalk. Then, after a couple of pints, patrons inevitably have to head to the Julian’s bathroom, where they find an extraordinary stockpile of pop paraphernalia.

The walls are decked with three glass cases: in one, there’s an army of Star Wars figurines standing at attention, from Obi-Wan to a Gamorrean Guard. A second case contains a posse of superhero dolls (Batman, Captain America, The Hulk). And if you’re seated, you will come face-to-face with every Pez bust imaginable. During a protracted session, you may find yourself impressed by the collection’s completeness: all four Ninja Turtles, all four original KISS members, and the entire Simpsons family.

Julian’s only has one unisex bathroom, so if you’ve gotta go, you will be stared at by scores of plastic eyes. Collectors will be slack-jawed with envy. Others may feel performance anxiety. But just about everyone should find reason to smile. Providence