Holiday Guide

Festive Feasting: Holiday Foods Around Rhode Island

These seasonal favorites won’t be around forever - better eat them now


The holidays are a time to indulge. Indulge in cheer, indulge in holiday events and, most importantly, indulge in holiday food. Enjoy the flavors of the season while you can.

Thanksgiving Eats
What’s the best part of Thanksgiving? The leftovers, which can get eaten too quickly. Thank goodness for East Ferry Deli’s Thanksgiving Sandwich. It’s piled high with sliced turkey, whole berry cranberry sauce, fluffy stuffing, lettuce and mayo on whole wheat bread. It’s everything you want for quintessential Thanksgiving flavor, and it’s not just limited to one day. The only thing you have to worry about is fitting it all in your mouth. 47 Conanicus Avenue, Jamestown. 401-423-1592,

Sweet Berry Farm cooks up a Butternut and Winter Squash Lasagna that’s perfect for any holiday potluck or as a vegetarian alternative to the poultry packed season. Ripe butternut and winter squash are pureed and layered on top of lasagna noodles, topped with a Parmesan béchamel sauce and finished with another lasagna layer topped with ricotta cheese. 915 Mitchell’s Lane, Middletown. 401-847-3912,

Christmas Treats
Sweet Cakes Bakery in Peace Dale is known for their sumptuous cakes. This time of year is particularly sweet because they start taking orders for their Buche de Noel. This decadent dessert rolls a moist chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream into a giant yule log. To top it off, handmade meringue mushrooms complete the enchanted forest feel. 1227 Kingstown Road, Peace Dale. 401-789-5420,

This year instead of leaving Santa milk and cookies, consider leaving him a Milk and Cookies Cake from Sweet Indulgence. They take vanilla cake, layer it with chocolate mousse and cover it in vanilla buttercream. Then, they cover the sides with pieces of chocolate chip cookies and chocolate chips, and top the whole thing with mini chocolate chips. Make sure to save a few slices for yourself; Santa doesn’t mind sharing. 2202 Broad Street, Cranston. 401-467-4850,

Boozy Bliss
Every winter, Narragansett Brewing puts out their Porter. This easy-to-drink-brew has a mild chocolate flavor in the background. There’s even a touch of hoppiness in there to balance out the subtle smokiness and chocolaty sweetness. 401-437-8970,

Take a break from your holiday to do list and stop by Avenue N American Kitchen for their None of Your Beeswax cocktail. They take cinnamon bark bourbon and add a frothed egg white, a little lemon for freshness and acidity and stir in Ten Mile Apiary Honey, which is made right in their neighborhood in Rumford. The whole thing is garnished with a skewered piece of honeycomb. 20 Newman Avenue, Rumford. 401-270-2836,

Sweet Sips
Nothing beats sipping hot chocolate in the crisp, cold air. Add some candy canes and whipped cream and you’ve just kicked up this classic. That’s exactly what Benefit Juice Bar and Cafe has done with their Peppermint Hot Chocolate. They start with dark and dreamy chocolate, add your choice of milk, soy or almond and top it with freshly whipped up cream, sprinkled with crushed candy canes. 404 Benefit Street, Providence. 401-274-6403,

Apple season isn’t over just yet. While you still can, head over to The Beehive Café for their Candy Apple hot beverage. They take freshly pressed local apple cider and add house made caramel to it. It’s then steamed until piping hot, topped with whipped cream and drizzled with more house made caramel. 10 Franklin Street, Bristol. 401-396-9994,