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Getting A Beach-Ready Body

Work off those winter carbs, just in time for bathing suit season, at fun fitness classes


Spring means one thing: that it’s almost time to dust off those bathing suits and beach chairs. With only a couple of months to prepare for more sun and fewer layers, now is a good time to kick that fitness plan into high gear.

Rep It Out
The first rule of Crossfit is that you tell everyone you do Crossfit. Step into this focused group session atmosphere and develop power and athleticism in a program of multiple training modalities – from Olympic lifting and conditioning to functional movements and powerlifting – all of which are scalable to your fitness level. Check out Post Road Crossfit in North Kingstown to get started with basic fundamentals and skills. And then post it on Facebook.  

Happy Hour
Bellying up to the bar(re) has never been more fun – except this social engagement won’t leave you with a hangover. Pure Barre, with locations in Cranston and East Greenwich, is an isometric workout that includes elements of ballet, weight training and pilates, and is a fast and effective way to tone your entire body. No tips required, but be sure to bring your Friday night flair. 

Training for Life

If you can squat 687 pounds but can’t sprint into the bathroom to hide your chocolate bar from your kids, what’s the point? Get your functional fitness maxed out at Manic Training in Wakefield and East Greenwich, where they’ve coined their philosophy to get you “Ready for Life.” Training sessions use full body workouts and compound movements that utilize free weights, medicine balls, sandbags, kettlebells, Airdyne bikes, Ski Ergs, rowers, sleds and more to keep you chasing candy bars without passing out. 

Let the Beat Hit ‘Em
There’s Zumba and then there’s Zumba on steroids (which, ironically enough, isn’t Zumba at all). Strong by Zumba at High Steppin’ Dance Academy in Johnston is a musically synced high-intensity interval training workout, where every beat of every song has a
choreographed move – one that is not so much a bootie shake and very much a bootie burn. From burpees and lunges to jump squats and punches, this nonstop all-over body workout will leave its mark in the form of sweat and a kick-ass calorie burn.

Sweat for Summer

There’s no better class for getting your body beach-ready than one called – you guessed it – Beach Body. At 426 Fitness in Warren, the 60-minute workout combines strength training with intense cardio intervals while focusing on multiple muscle groups at once. There is no “cool down” (members do it on their own afterwards), so it’s a full hour of work, which equals lots of hours on the beach in your new suit.

Strap Up
For a setup that seems so simple, TRX Suspension Training is anything but – kind of like programming your TV remote. Instead of breezing right through it, you’ll sweat, struggle and maybe even swear. TRX, which uses a suspension strap system to utilize your own body weight as resistance, is a force on its own, but at Core Studios in Pawtucket, they push the boundaries with their TRX Hybrid class, combining TRX with other dynamic full-body exercise equipment such as kettlebells, heavy ropes, dumbbells, sandbags and more.