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Greetings From the North Pole

Santa's Mailman, a Rhode Island-based helper elf, is making sure Santa doesn’t fall behind on his letters to kids


Kids spend the whole year mulling over their wish lists to Santa, efforts that culminate in one impassioned plea to the man in the red suit. It’s only fair that Santa responds in kind, but he’s a busy guy, which is where Warwick-based Stephanie Paul of Santa’s Mailman comes in.

Stephanie’s been helping St. Nick since 2011, creating beautifully crafted and individually personalized letters on official Claus stationery. “I realized that of all of the ways people bring Christmas into their homes after Thanksgiving, I never saw personal mail delivery service,” Stephanie says. What started with a few Santa-approved letters for friends – delivered to mailboxes by elves or by Santa himself on Christmas Day – quickly caught on and grew to include Nice List Declarations. Last year Stephanie penned more than 160 custom letters. “My hope, especially for the kids, is that every Christmas they will read their collection of mail and know that they are special and that Santa has believed in them their entire lives. No matter the age, everyone deserves a letter reminding them that they are loved, someone is proud of them, and that the magic of Christmas is real.”