Holiday Guide

A Farm-to-Table Thanksgiving

Cooking a turkey from one of these seven RI farms will make for a real locavore holiday


1. Pat’s Pastured in East Greenwich offers free-range Standard White Turkeys, a type of turkey known for having a generous amount of juicy white breast meat. To complement your beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece, Pat’s also offers their homemade turkey gravy and chicken bone broth. Turkeys are sold frozen and can be picked up in East Greenwich or Pawtucket.

2. Exeter’s Wild Harmony Farm is one-stop shopping for your Thanksgiving table. In addition to fresh fruits and vegetables, they raise cattle, dairy sheep, chickens, pigs and – during the fall season – turkeys.

3. A small, family-owned farm in Wakefield, Thorns and Acorns Farm specializes in free-range poultry – specifically, chicken and Heritage breed turkeys. This breed has more in common with its wild ancestors than it does with turkeys raised for industrial agriculture, and is known to be especially juicy and flavorful.

4. Start a new Thanksgiving tradition by getting a turkey from Helger’s
Turkey Ranch
 in Tiverton. Since 1939, this family-run farm has been raising delicious turkeys for families to enjoy year-round. The secret to their fresh and tasty birds? It could be the proximity to the briny ocean air, though nobody knows for sure.

5. Founded in 1657, Browning Homestead Farm in Wakefield has been family owned and operated for eleven generations. They’ve transitioned from milk and dairy production into raising livestock, including wonderful Thanksgiving turkeys.

6. Named after their loyal farm dog, Cyra’s Farm in Little Compton specializes in the Narragansett turkey, native to Narragansett Bay. These turkeys are able to run and fly, so they have larger legs and thighs that produce especially dark and juicy meat. Cyra’s also offers the more commonly known Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys.

7. The cage-free poultry and eggs from Baffoni’s Poultry Farm in Johnston has made its way to restaurant menus across the state. They raise thousands of chickens and 1,200 turkeys on their family farm. They sell whole birds, and also separate breasts, legs and more help their customers avoid arguments at the table over who gets what.