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Brute Force Awakens

See the premiere of the independently produced film at the Columbus on June 11


Most grade schoolers aren’t thinking about film school, but whether they wanted it or not, the kid cast of The Return of Brute Force got a crash course in movie making. The independent feature is the fifth from Cranston-based writer-director Brett Davey, who’s been shooting video of the local music scene for years. For Brute Force, he worked closely with his 9 and 12 year old sons Timothy and Van to develop the story of a group of kids battling the bullies of Brute Force.

But the Davey boys weren’t the only ones working the production side of things. The cast – made up mostly of friends – were all encouraged to be creative with their roles, as well as help out with lighting and sound off-camera over the course of the nine-month shoot. “Many of the funniest parts of the movie came from their ideas,” says Brett. Add a soundtrack from local musicians Damian Puerini, Joe Principe, Glenn Robinson and Dylan Sevey and The Return of Brute Force has the makings of a bona fide RI cult classic. Watch the trailer below:

“Return of Brute Force” movie trailer! from brett davey on Vimeo.

The Return of Brute Force premieres on June 11, 4pm at the Columbus Theatre, 270 Broadway.