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Something's Brewing Opens in North Kingstown

A new cafe is brewing something delicious


We’re at the point where we want our coffee organic, our donuts baked from scratch and our meatballs hand rolled. It’s not high quality for the sake of high quality; it’s for the taste. It’s. Just. Better.

This is what you can expect at Something’s Brewing in North Kingstown. Kirsten Burham had a dream to own her own restaurant, and it’s finally come true. Sure enough there are plenty of organic coffee options to choose from this fall, like pumpkin spice and snickerdoodle. She’s also whipping up pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin spice chais.

Then there are the donuts. She’s been experimenting with baking donuts rather than frying them. Right now she’s baking pumpkin glazed donuts that are available through the rest of the fall – we may even see a few new fall options as she continues playing around with recipes.

She’s also cooking up savory items like salads, sandwiches and wraps (both which can be made gluten-free). Kirsten insists that folks try her meatball subs. “While there is really no such thing as a bad meatball, I can tell you that my secret is the homemade sauce,” she says. “There is nothing better than a nice meatball in sauce that you know didn’t come out of a can.”

She also does her part to give back in her own way by offering a heroes discount. It includes fire fighters, police officers, EMTs and military personnel, who all receive 20% off their purchase. “It is so important to show your appreciation to the brave individuals who put other peoples safety above their own,” she says. “The discount that I provide certainly isn’t enough to pay them back for their sacrifice, but I think it is a nice way to say thank you for their service.”

Something's Brewing

7446 Post Road, North Kingstown.
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