Spectacular Stats

A by-numbers breakdown of the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular


Think you know Rhode Island’s iconic Halloween display? The Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular at Roger Williams Park Zoo has drawn thousands of visitors from in-state and beyond to wander the transformed Wetlands Trail. Chances are you’ve been awestruck by the intricacies of the carvings, dazzled by the twinkling lights and cast shadows, and amazed by the sheer number of pumpkins. But here’s a new – and just as striking – look at the show, by the numbers.


The number of pumpkins you’ll see along the quarter-mile trail



Estimated visitors over the 32 nights of the show



Pumpkins will be used throughout the month as rotted ones are replaced



For an adult ticket on a Prime Night (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday) and it can be around a 30-minute wait to reach the trail



Total Jack-O-Lantern Spectaculars in the country – the others are in Louisville, Kentucky and Minneapolis, Minnesota



Artists that spend up to 8 hours carving a single pumpkin



Years that Roger Williams Park Zoo has continuously hosted the event. It was originally held there from 2001-2004 before experimenting with other locations and returning to the Zoo in 2009.