Spread Your Wings

Strike a pose in front of Rhode Island's first "selfie wall"


In May, something exciting happened in Upper South Providence. Stroke by stroke, a giant pair of multi-colored wings appeared on an unassuming brick wall near Trinity Square. During the installation, nearly 100 curious passers-by stopped to ask questions. Within the first five minutes of it being complete, someone paused to snap a photo. In less than four hours, the first posts appeared on social media. Say hello to The Avenue Concept’s (TAC) latest mural, Rhode Island’s first “Selfie Wall.”

“I have been playing and experimenting with selfie walls for a few years...but this was the first painted on a public wall,” says Yarrow Thorne, TAC’s founder and executive director. He partnered with artist James Mustin, and the two collaborated to brainstorm a design that would complement the location and make the most impact. They settled on a set of angel wings to frame the existing window, with each colorful, patterned feather having “its own story.”

The Selfie Wall is tucked in an area with less foot traffic, an intentional choice since Yarrow hopes to “use public art to draw people to this space.” Part of the fun is finding it; TAC hints that it’s in the general area between Trinity Square and their Cultural Corridor installation. When you do, take a pic like we did and tag @avenuepvd to share your story.