Sticker Shock

Johnny Clam Cakes helps you show off your RI food love


Slathered in sauce. Frosted and sprinkled. Grilled to perfection with cheese oozing out of its edges. No matter how Johnny Clam Cakes customizes the shape of the state, it looks delicious. The t-shirts and stickers, inspired by classic and trendy RI bites like pizza strips and donuts, are a hit on Instagram – 38k followers and counting – and prove that residents of the 401 love two things above all else: their home state and the food that comes out of it.

Partnerships with companies like Narragansett Beer have produced fun designs based on iconic imagery, such as the Crush It Like Quint sticker. Who would have guessed how much mileage ‘Gansett was going to get out of their brief Jaws cameo?

If we could put a request out to Mr. Clam Cakes, it would be for a hot wiener design or perhaps a line of scratch-and-sniff stickers. We know the state isn’t shaped like a wiener, and we’re not sure where we’re at with scratch-and-sniff technology these days, but we’ll leave those problems for the experts to solve. @JohnnyClamCakes on Instagram