The Creative Capital's Croissant Cart

Meet Butterbang, a delicious new downtown destination


Rhode Island has forged the way in several creative cuisine endeavors, from hot wieners to grilled pizza. You might wonder, what’s next? Enter Butterbang, the city’s first croissant cart. The concept is simple: A bike cart selling Borealis Coffee and small-batch croissants made by young hobbyist baker-turned-entrepreneur Brian Leosz. The typical batch takes three days to bake and yields three dozen croissants, including mouth-watering combinations like Choco, Almond, Baked Brie, and Dainty Pig (with prosciutto). At the moment, Butterbang offers catering, wholesale, and grab-n-go counter options at their Olneyville kitchen, but the main attraction is the cart, which crops up across the city weather – so keep an eye out and stay up-to-date on Instagram and Facebook!