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Trade Up Your Jewelry to Wow Pieces

Empire Loan's annual Valentine's Day sale is here


February marks the beginning of the annual Valentine’s Sale at Empire Loan, with the first two weeks granting huge discounts on all preowned jewelry in the showroom. With 25-50% off, you’ll be able to afford more carats for loved ones (or for yourself). You can also bring in your jewelry in good condition purchased here to trade-up and apply 100% of its value toward the other piece; you only pay the difference and total sales tax. No need to visit the big box chains and overpay.

In the sister business upstairs, at Empire Guitars, they will have their annual Odds and Ends Sale in February, which attracts a cult-like following among guitar gear heads. Check the Empire Guitars website for the exact sale dates. They suggest arriving early as there’s usually a line around the block to get first dibs on the drastic price reductions of pedals, accessories, and more. “It’s a crazy scene,” says business owner Jeff Keithline. “It’s like a garage sale of all the unsold white elephants and oddball stuff from the previous year.”

When pressing financial situations come up – taxes or tuition are due, your car brakes go, the roof has a leak – don’t forget there is a safe place to borrow cash in a pinch, like Empire Loan. They provide secure loans starting at as little as $50 to $5,000 and beyond. Be sure to visit Empire Loan and Empire Guitars to save big during their February sales.

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