15 Minute Cheese Board

with Jan Dane of Stock Culinary Goods


Jan Dane is self-professed about being food obsessed. Prior to opening her shop, Stock Culinary Goods, on Providence’s Hope Street, Jan was, among other things, the food forager at The Ocean House in Watch Hill. It was during this time that Jan connected with farmers and purveyors, cultivating relationships and getting to know all about where to get what throughout New England. When we asked Jan to create a cheese board for us, she arrived with market bags brimming with regionally sourced provisions and back stories. For Jan, a cheese board doesn’t need to be perfect, but visuals are everything, so start with a presentation board. “It elevates the whole thing,” says Jan, who compares putting together these tasty assemblages to playing in the sandbox. “Fuss, step back, move things around, and don’t be hemmed-in with symmetry,” she advises. And shop homegrown. “Be as local as possible,” begins Jan. “It’s the easiest way to support your local farmer.”


Pirate Spread, Narragansett Creamery

• Smoked mozzarella ball, Narragansett Creamery

• Cabot Clothbound, Cabot Creamery

• Maggie’s Round, Cricket Creek Farm

• Harbison, Jasper Hill Farm

• Blue cheese, Great Hill

• Matcha white chocolate bar, Aura/Leafy Green

• French radishes, Ward’s Berry Farm

• Assorted nuts, Virginia & Spanish Peanut Co.

• Edible flowers, Our Kids Farm

• Apples, Steere Orchards

• Sopressata, folded, and spear sausages, Daniele Charcuterie

• Jalapeño stuffed olives, Jansal from Sid Wainer



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