4 Modes of Energy Healing to Try in the New Year

Holistic healing studios across Rhode Island offering everything from aura imaging to sound baths


Energy healing is an alternative or complementary medicine focused on creating balance and channeling positive vibes through a variety of relaxing and non-invasive therapies. Whether you’re a long-time Reiki believer or have never had your chakras aligned, local practitioners share insight on a few lesser-known modes of energy healing and holistic wellness services perfect for starting 2023 off refreshed and relaxed.

Hot Stone Foot Massage: All about opening blocked energies using a range of healing modalities, from meditation to chakra balancing, Awaken Your Health Naturally also offers a Brazilian toe and foot massage with hot stones that’s more than just relaxing. A 30-minute session “helps to release excessive energy trapped in the organs by increasing the flow of energy into organs whose energy stores have been depleted or are undercharged,” explains owner Elaine DeJoy. Essentially, as the muscles relax, they release toxins. It’s a great choice for those seeking stress and tension relief, better sleep, and improved circulation. 

Words of Wisdom: “Releasing toxins and toxic buildup within your body will bring relief to your organs as well as your mind and increase a sense of inner well being, thereby feeling more connected to yourself.”

Sound Bath Healing: For the auditorily enthused, Songbird Energy Healing incorporates sound – crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, drums, and chimes – into each healing modality offered, including Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy. Owner Sara Coyne explains, “A sound bath allows your body and mind to enter a deep state of relaxation, as your brain waves transition to the alpha and theta state” – or the brain wave frequencies experienced just before sleeping and after waking. This promotes the body’s natural self-healing abilities. “Sound baths help reduce stress and create a sense of deep peace, tranquility, and well-being.” 

Words of Wisdom: “In today’s fast-paced world, taking time to slow down and shift into being versus constantly doing is imperative in bringing clarity, peace of mind, and alignment to what we truly want for ourselves. My mission with every client is to be a guide as they embark on the journey of self discovery, peace, and healing.” 

Cacao Ceremony and Breathwork: Cacao is more than just an ingredient in your favorite warm bevvie. Opened by Justine
Harrington, Soul Sanctuary hosts a variety of wellness-geared events and workshops, including Manifesting from the Heart: Cacao Ceremony & Breathwork Journey on January 14. “The intention of a cacao ceremony is to help you relax so you can connect within to your own innate wisdom and divine intelligence,” Harrington explains, while the breathwork element helps tap into a meditative state. “Every breathwork experience is different, yet profound! If you’re looking to connect more deeply with yourself, release the old, and welcome in the new, this transformational event is for you.”

Words of Wisdom: “People are feeling a lot of stress, anxiety, and fear, all of which can affect every part of our lives. We believe everyone needs a safe space and community in order to heal, grow, and ultimately live with more peace and ease.”

Aura Imaging

If you’re curious about the aura you exude, Thrive Tribe Collaborative has a session for that. Founders Jax Smith and Jessica Xavier bring backgrounds in psychology, nursing, restorative justice, and multicultural energy healing modalities to blend ancient beliefs with modern practices. Their aura imaging session uses biofeedback technology to create a digital image, which practitioners will guide clients through interpreting. “Practical tips and techniques will be discussed to empower clients to better understand and work with their energy processing centers, known as the chakras,” says Xavier. Leave with a detailed description of your aura, or “personal energetic signature.”

Words of Wisdom: “Energy healing work empowers clients to take accountability in their own healing journeys. In discovering more of their authentic self, clients tend to experience more inner peace, clarity, emotional balance, physical vitality and strengthened connection to loved ones, communities, and their higher power.”


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