A Pawtucket Reiki and IET Master Starts with the Spirit

White Lotus Spiritual Healing takes a holistic approach to wellness


For those uninitiated to energy therapy, Veronica Cintron’s practice is an approachable foray into its varied forms, from Reiki to rootwork. She explains of her Pawtucket center, “I call it White Lotus Spiritual Healing because I think it’s important to heal our spirit first and then our bodies follow, and so it really is a comprehensive and a 360º way of looking at healing.”

Certified Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Master Instructor and Reiki Master-Teacher are among Cintron’s many credentials, earned over the years as she’s built her practice, but when asked how it all started, she’s quick to answer, “I like to think that it kind of found me.”

“I’ve always been drawn to it,” she continues on the alternative therapies. “I, to some degree, had already practiced some healing but more in the traditional Curanderia style. I come from Puerto Rico, so it’s more herbs.” Now, Cintron’s practice is truly holistic, spanning dharma coaching and tarot readings, which she refers to as “intuitive sessions – they’re kind of tarot meets life coaching,” to rootwork or Hoodoo rituals and herbalism. But Reiki and especially IET are what she’s known for.

While Reiki has gained popularity recently, IET is a little less well known. Cintron explains that on the surface, it appears very similar to Reiki, but the modality is completely different. Reiki is a Japanese practice that focuses on universal life force energy: “The idea is that we harness that energy and then bring it to our seven chakra centers located in our bodies, from crown to root.”

IET, on the other hand, is the process of moving past feelings of stagnation that build in our lives over time. “The belief system is that we’re born these amazing, beautiful, perfect souls clear with our life’s mission, and as we progress, things happen, traumas start to accumulate,” Cintron says. “This is really about removing heavy energy and removing traumas from the energetic field.”

From the perspective of the client, IET is an hour-long session of deep breathing to ambient sounds while Cintron works, a process that includes light touching. Each session begins and ends with talking, allowing a safe space to share goals going into it and the chance to debrief after. Cintron notes there are no rules or expectations for how to react to a treatment, whether you wish to be silent through the whole thing or share thoughts that come up during.

No two sessions are the same in terms of sensations and aftereffects, though Cintron’s clients have reported feeling more energized or focused in the days that follow or have a clearer sense of direction moving through their lives. The motto of IET is “removing the issues from your tissues,” and Cintron advises being receptive to what that might mean for you. “Just [bring] an open mind and open heart. That’s it. The resistance has to be left at the door,” she says, “and just know that it’s gonna be what it’s supposed to be.”

While the varied forms of healing Cintron practices offer a choose-your-own-adventure of spiritual services, she explains that IET is one of the most gentle sessions and a great place to start for newcomers. “What happens over time is that you really start moving through your life a little bit better, seeing that these things that were holding you back seem so so small.” In-person and distance IET and Reiki sessions are available by appointment. Pawtucket


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