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A World of Knowledge at Roger Williams University

RWU professors share their passion for research and the real-world applications they've discovered


Colleges and universities are wonderful institutions of learning where students come to earn their degrees, and move on to jobs in their chosen fields. But what about the professors who teach them? Their academic year involves more than just getting in front of a classroom and sharing their expertise with eager students.

Professors are on a constant search for knowledge. They have chosen fields they are passionate about, and have devoted their time and energy into not only furthering their own understanding of the field, but of furthering the field itself.
We spoke with professors at Roger Williams University (RWU) with interests ranging from nation branding, the brightest explosions in the universe and how to extract confessions, to how function meets form in underwater animals, vigilante feminism and elder justice. These professors are passionate about what they do, and are making our world a better place, one hypothesis at a time.

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