Before it Snows

Follow these steps to be better prepared


Stock Up
In addition to milk, bread, and eggs, why not add hot chocolate mix and cookie dough to your list? Or opt for healthier but still hygge and simmer apple cider or roast root vegetables. The soothing sweet aroma and flavors may warm your heart to the forecast. TIP: Stock up on non-perishable canned goods like soup and nut butters, bottles of water, and, of course, batteries. Aim to keep devices fully charged as much as possible.

Be in the Know
Back up that robocall by signing up for text alerts from the Rhode Island Broadcasters Association. This service now includes parking ban information. TIP: If you take medication or use a medical treatment on a regular basis, be sure you have what you need to care for yourself for at least three days. If you use life support systems such as oxygen, respirator, ventilator, dialysis, pacemaker, or are insulin dependent, be sure to enroll in the Rhode Island Special Needs Registry. This notification allows first responders additional time to consider how to best respond to the incident. 

Snow Ready
Most people over 40 years old shouldn’t be shoveling at all, especially when snow is heavy on those above-freezing days. Before the white stuff comes down, do your best to line up someone to shovel for you, whether it’s a group of teens, a landscaper, or that neighbor with a plow (who might be willing to help in exchange for fresh-baked cookies). TIP: Keep cash on-hand to pay for shoveling services.

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