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Love at First Slice at Caserta Pizzeria


Rhode Islanders don’t agree on everything, but they do when it comes to Caserta Pizzeria. The Providence legend is hands-down one of this state’s favorite pizza restaurants, and has been since it opened on Federal Hill in 1953. And the more things have changed (for the better) in the capital city, the more traditions and values have stayed the same at Caserta.

As the saying goes, you’re not eating pizza if it’s not Caserta’s. The one-of-a-kind traditional Italian pizza is made with the finest quality ingredients available. The hand-tossed dough is topped with Caserta’s famous housemade sauce, then topped with a variety of traditional toppings. The dining room is beyond casual; regulars here are greeted by their first name and treated like family by the friendly and dedicated staff. Be it dine in or take out, the out-of-this-world Caserta experience is always a memorable one.

A Tradition Made Famous
There are spinach pies, and then there’s the Wimpy Skippy. The Caserta original is famous in Rhode Island and beyond, and for good reason: it’s simply delicious. Here, an ordinary spinach pie is made extraordinary with its unique homemade Italian blend of mozzarella cheese, pepperoni and black olives. Another authentic house speciality is their infamous Pig in a Blanket, dough rolled with sweet Italian sausage and tomato sauce. Add green peppers and it’s a Pepper Pig.

5 Must-Try Classics

1. Pizza
A small pizza has six slices; a large has 12. Top with one or all available toppings: cheese, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms and anchovies.

2. Spinach pie
Seasoned spinach with black olives rolled in dough. Can be served cheese only, or with pepperoni.

3. Wimpy Skippy
Spinach pie stuffed with cheese, pepperoni and black olives

4. Pig in a Blanket
Sweet Italian sausage and tomato sauce rolled in dough

5. Pepper Pig
Sweet Italian sausage, green bell peppers and tomato sauce rolled in dough

121 Spruce Street, Providence, 401-621-3618


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