Hot Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Providence designer shares tips to embrace the new bold hues


After the reign of the cool gray kitchen cabinet, this year’s trending colors take a dramatic turn. Kathy Royce, a designer with Red House Design Build in Providence, shares five tips on incorporating these daring new hues in the most important room in your home.

1. Coordinate with style

Think Black Truffle won’t work in your farmhouse kitchen? Consider cabinet style, Royce advises, not color. “Greens are very popular right now in every style of kitchen, for example. For a contemporary home, a slab cabinet in a spruce finish would look fabulous. However, using the same spruce finish with a more traditional door style can look equally amazing in a colonial home.”

2. Keep competition to a minimum

A vivid cabinet becomes the focal point of the room, so Royce suggests more muted finishes for the rest of the space: “You don’t want them to compete.”

3. Size matters

How much drama you bring depends on the size of the space. “Small kitchens can pull off a dark color on the base cabinets,” she says, noting that wall cabinets should remain light or paired with floating shelves. “Larger kitchens can afford to have dark all around.”

4. Keep it cozy

Want to go bold but keep a cozy vibe? Incorporate real wood. “This could be an island, a featured sink base that is slightly pulled forward, or shelving.”

5. Start small

Royce notes cabinets are a big expense, so choose carefully. “If you want to use a bold color but are not quite ready to take the plunge with an entire kitchen, try using the finish on an island or bathroom vanity. Small pops of color can be fun and less expensive.”

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