Influencer: Meet Photographer and Model Kayla Mandeville

Ashley Erling interviews the South Coast creator behind the @k___elizabeth Instagram account

When shooting, where do you get your inspiration from and what are some of your favorite places to shoot in the area?

When I’m out shooting, I really try to be in the moment and look for things that are beautiful or photogenic to me. One of my all-time favorite places to shoot is Sakonnet Point lighthouse. I started going there when I moved to the area and was new to photography. The drive to and from, especially during golden hour or right after sunrise, is magical.


In addition to your gorgeous photography, you’re often exploring and reviewing different hot spots, from restaurants to boutiques and everything in between. How has that evolution been for you?

My family and I are always out and about walking around exploring different places, so checking out restaurants and little shops just really came naturally to me. It started off as just something I would add to my Instagram stories occasionally, and my audience really seemed to enjoy it so as time went on, I just integrated it a little bit more alongside my photography.


What are some of your favorite local businesses and places to visit in your free time?

I absolutely love coffee. I’m always sharing it in my stories. I’m really loving The Nitro Bar at Walker’s in Little Compton; it’s a great addition to the area. I also enjoy Coastal Roasters in Tiverton. In Your Ear in Warren has always been a favorite. I love collecting vinyl, and they always have a great selection. I recently stumbled upon Carmen and Ginger in Warren and loved it.


You’re now doing more in front of the camera, too! How does it feel being on both sides?

Contrary to popular belief, I find it to be extremely nerve-racking. Being in front of the camera isn’t necessarily my favorite place to be but I’m leaning in and having a lot of fun with it. I’m so grateful for everyone who has given me an opportunity to be in front of their lens and I’m interested to see how it evolves!


What’s your perfect Lil’ Rhody day?

It would probably start with sunrise at the Cliff Walk followed by a walk along the pathway. It’s my favorite walk and it never gets old! Then I’d grab a coffee because that’s extremely important. I’d grab dinner (preferably pasta!) and drinks somewhere by the water, then catch the sunset. I’m pretty simple.


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