It's All Downhill from Here

Top places to hit the hills for sledding fun


Whether you have a toboggan, sled, saucer, or flattened cardboard box, a fresh snowfall beckons kids of all ages to head for the hills. Most sledding spots are not official places but commandeered golf courses and hills off the beaten path. While it may seem awkward, wear a helmet to protect your head, and bundle up before scouting the following locations:

Nayatt School, 400 Nayatt Road
Rhode Island Country Club (aka Suicide Hill), 150 Nayatt Road
St. Andrew’s Lacrosse/Soccer field, 63 Federal Road

Columban Fathers, 65 Ferry Road

East Providence
Larissa Park, 701 Bullocks Point Avenue

Burr’s Hill Park, off Water Street

Find safety tips online at the National Safety Council.

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