Local Artist Matthew Hall is Shaping the Future of Tabletop Decor with a Touch of Sustainability

Inspired by Rhode Island's heritage, Hall blends artistic quality with coastal beauty in his designs


Matthew Hall's journey into tabletop decor and kitchenware epitomizes passion, innovation, and a deep connection to Rhode Island's artistic legacy. "I’ve always been fascinated by design, material uses, and crafting toys and tools since around five years of age," Hall says of his early creative impulses.

Studying industrial design at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Hall honed his skills and graduated with a vision. Faced with student loans and limited capital, he sought to innovate. Inspired by dissatisfaction with conventional bottle opener designs, Hall integrated a practical twist into his sculptural Horseshoe Crab model. "I had a eureka moment realizing I could incorporate a bottle opener feature as a practical selling point," he recalls.

This innovative approach birthed Matthew Hall Originals, where Lost Wax Casting and the iconic horseshoe crab design became trademarks. Rhode Island's design heritage profoundly influenced Hall's work, blending coastal aesthetics with timeless elegance.

Hall's creative process seamlessly merges artistry with functionality. "I've built a mental library of materials and their characteristics," he explains, leveraging his knowledge to create designs that marry natural forms with practical utility.

Sustainability underpins Hall's ethos. "As my designs reflect my great appreciation for nature, I take great care in creating products to last a lifetime," he emphasizes. Utilizing recovered and recyclable materials whenever possible, he challenges disposable consumerism.

Despite challenges in running a small art business, Hall remains committed to his craft. His creations, like the Horseshoe Crab Bottle Openers, symbolize nature's resilience and advocate for conservation.

Looking ahead, Hall envisions expanding his Cranston based business into portable clean energy devices. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple yet profound: "Find what you love to create and start making. Use social media to put your work out in front of the world." To learn more about Matthew Hall's designs and shop his products, visit or connect with him on Instagram @matthew_hall_originals.


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