Meet Katie Corcoran, The Creative Force Behind @r.i.native on Instagram

Discover Rhode Island's best-kept secrets through the lens of a local content creator


Growing up in Barrington and currently living in Warwick, Katie Corcoran has made a name for herself as an Instagram influencer. Although she began her content creation journey in 2019 with a focus on cooking and baking, she shifted her focus to promoting local businesses in 2021. Her Instagram account, @r.i.native, became a platform for sharing her experiences, exploring new places, and supporting the local economy.

The local community has played a significant role in Corcoran's growth as a content creator. "They've embraced me and my content with open arms. I'm constantly amazed by the warmth and support I receive from local businesses and fellow Rhode Islanders. It's truly a tight-knit community," she says.

Corcoran's content creation is inspired by her desire to provide value to her audience. "I always put myself in the shoes of my followers and think about what they would find interesting or helpful, whether it's finding the best local coffee shop or discovering a hidden gem," she explains.

One of Corcoran's recent posts on Level 99 at Providence Place Mall garnered significant attention, with over 200k views. Recounting the experience, Katie shares, "My husband and I decided to try Level 99 for a date night. Despite missing hints on how the activities worked and coming out with zero points, we had a hilarious and amazing time. We're definitely going back for another try!"

Reflecting on her journey, Corcoran shares, "I wish I had connected with fellow content creators sooner. The support and guidance from a community who understands the challenges are invaluable. Collaboration is key, and there's room for everyone."

Looking ahead, Corcoran is excited about creating more partnerships with local brands and businesses. "I'm eager to support the community that has been so supportive of me. I'm also looking forward to celebrating significant life events with my loved ones in Rhode Island. Being surrounded by family and friends brings me immense happiness and a sense of belonging."


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