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Jessica Granatiero of The Savory Grape on the perfect autumn wines and beers


The Savory Grape has a reputation for having a really interesting selection of wines. What are you excited about drinking this fall?
Fall is my favorite season, especially as it relates to food and wine. I often say we change our wine wardrobe when fall hits. We move from lighter whites and reds to ones that are slighter richer and fuller in body. For whites, I love Notre Dame Luberon White from France. This is a round white that over-delivers for its under $11 price. I also love the Cave de Turkheim Pinot Gris. Reds from Montefalco, Italy, like the Antonelli Montefalco Rosso made from the grape Sagrantino are always great for pairing with roasts, and I am loving the Easton 247 Main Red blend from California that winemaker Bill Easton made for us. It rivals many other Cab blends from California at a much lower price. And lastly, I love Rose wines – yes, the wine with a pinkish hue but the dry Rose, not sweet. A couple favorites are Miali Rosato from Puglia, Italy and Vera Vinho Verde Rose from Portugal. France has some of the best Roses but these two little gems are stunning!

Beer pairings, as an alternative to wine pairings with meals, are increasingly popular. What beer pairs well with a hearty, savory fall dinner?
One of my favorite dishes to make during the cooler months is beef stew. Go to a local farm, like Blackbird Farm in Smithfield, and then combine with seasonal vegetables. I like to pair with styles like a brown ale or stout – Sam Smith Nut Brown Ale, Allagash Fluxus brewed with maple syrup or Agner & Wolf Altbeir.

Tell us more about your beer and wine of the month clubs.
These are fantastic gifts that offer wine and craft beer lovers an opportunity to explore unique selections that we obtain a very limited amount of. Some of the wine selections are for the wine club from our travels to Europe or the West Coast. There are four different levels of the Savory Sipper Wine Club that provide niche, hard-to-find selections. For our craft beer clubs we source selections from breweries we have relationships with to get cult, limited selections. We provide food pairings and recipes with each selection too.

Let’s talk about the holidays, and the eternal question of what to drink with turkey. What wines and beers do you recommend for Thanksgiving?
It is often hard for me to choose just a few selections because there are so many great options for Thanksgiving. And when pairing we have to look at the entire table because the sides and sauces are just as important (even more so) as the main protein or turkey. It’s really what selections will pair with sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts and so on. So Pinot Blanc from France, Cotes du Rhone red from France, as well as Pinot Noir or Zweigelt for a lighter red. For a heartier more collectable selection for special moments, like to open a Brunello di Montalcino. Surprisingly, Thanksgiving and craft beer are great partners. We like pairing lighter-medium body selections with this holiday meal, like Berkshire Oktoberfest and Buzzard’s Bay Golden Flounder.

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