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Rhode Island's Giant Pumpkins


Richard Wallace of Greene, Rhode Island, has the distinction of having grown the largest pumpkin ever recorded in North America. Coming in at a whopping 2,261.5 pounds, this monster of a vegetable is the one to beat at this year’s Southern New England Giant Pumpkin Growers Annual Weigh-Off, held every October at Frerichs Farm in Warren on October 7.

“I’m hoping to be over 2,000,” Richard said the morning of last year’s event. A humble prediction, but an honest one – no one seemed more surprised than Richard when the pumpkin’s weight was announced to a roaring crowd. He took the crown from his own son, Ron, who previously held the record with a 2,230-pound gourd. That’s a lot of pumpkin pie.

For the growers, the Weigh-Off is the culmination of months of hard work. For the spectators, and you better believe there’s a committed crowd for this kind of thing, it’s a chance to be able to walk away claiming, “I was there” when the biggest pumpkin ever grown was added to the record books.

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