Samantha Holland, Photographer

March 2022


“What I had started out believing was simply taking photos,” begins photographer Samantha Holland, “ended up being an opportunity to help women of all ages, races, sizes, and backgrounds see themselves as a confident, beautiful, worthy woman.”

Over the years, Samantha has been recognized for her award-winning wedding photography, including winning Best of Newport 2022 and being featured in multiple online magazines. However, when she opened SAMANTHA HOLLAND PHOTOGRAPHY, her first studio in South Kingstown, she was able to experience working one-on-one with women in a new way – that’s when she delved into the intimate and empowering art of boudoir photography.

“Insecurity is something I believe all women struggle with at one time or another. Society has taught women to fear, hide, and reject their bodies for so long, and although we have come a long way in our area of the world, the subject of the female body and sexuality is still very taboo,” explains Samantha, who recounts her own journey to self-acceptance. “I, too, always held myself to the impossible standard. It wasn’t until I went through a more spiritual reflection that I started seeing my full value, including seeing my body as worthy: I realized that I saw all of my friends as completely beautiful in all their unique ways, and that I deserved the same grace and appreciation I gave others. My body has carried me through every high and low of life, and allows me to continue to experience the things I love.” 

When Samantha started channeling this new perspective into empowering other women through boudoir photography, she discovered just how meaningful the experience was for both herself and her clients. Even during the peak of the pandemic, she notes, clients continued to reach out to book their photoshoots so that they could feel beautiful even during the toughest of times.

“Watching women bloom inside my studio (and have fun doing it!) is the best feeling ever,” says Samantha. Each comes with their own story and reason: Some want a gift to set their partner’s love on fire, some want to regain ownership of themselves and their sexuality after suffering trauma, and some just want to feel sexy again – but one thing is consistent, Samantha says, and that is they all want to feel good. “And that’s what I do here in my studio! I don’t just cheer you on, I guide you to seeing your beauty all on your own.”

A boudoir photoshoot with Samantha and her team is nothing short of luxury and all-inclusive, down to the very last detail. From consultation, planning, styling, posing, and beyond, Samantha is there every step of the way, and her silly, honest, positive energy is a huge part of what makes the experience so comfortable and fun.

“Each client who giggles out of excitement when they first see their photos, or exclaims ‘OMG, I can’t believe that’s me!’, or simply asks if they can give me a hug, is exactly why I do what I do,” says Samantha. “Watching them leave feeling so confident and sexy is my favorite part of the day!”

Since the grand opening of her new studio in East Greenwich last October, exciting things have been brewing. Throughout 2022, Samantha will create new, limited-edition boudoir sets for each month of the year. Clients will be able to purchase entry to 1, 3, 6, or all 12 sets for their own personal series of boudoir images or albums.

“Don’t be afraid!” Samantha says, encouraging newcomers to take the first step by simply booking a consultation. “Boudoir doesn’t have to be intimidating, and you CAN and WILL love your photos. My team and I are here to make the experience magical for you!”

The Greenwich Mills • 42 Ladd Street, East Greenwich


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