The Mis-matched Dress Trend for Rhode Island Weddings

How permitting attendants to choose their own attire can result in them feeling more vested than invested in your big day


We’ve all been there – you’re excited for a friend to get married, but the thought of spending a ton of cash on another cookie-cutter, ill-fitting gown you’ll literally never wear again really puts a damper on the good vibes. Enter, the mis-matched dress trend. Though the pick-your-style dress option has been around for ages now – in which your party can choose from halter, spaghetti strap, cap sleeve, etc. – a new idea was born. What if, instead of having to buy a specific color from a specific store with a specific designer, the nearlyweds give some minimal guidance and then let you actually pick an outfit you love from anywhere you want? Yes, please! 

So how does this work? The couple will often provide a color palette, length preference, and pattern specification and then you, the attendant, can go to any store you like, with any budget you have, and choose a look that makes you feel good. Bonus, since it’s completely your cup of tea, you can actually wear it again. It’s a win-win for everyone involved and the results are spectacular.

With cottagecore being all the rage, floral patterns are a popular option in the mis-matched trend. Blue and white also remain a top color choice for many coastal Rhode Island couples, but more and more are choosing to broaden the palette to include more than just one or two colors: think peppering in a natural sage green for summer or muted mustard tones with deep emerald for fall. Mixing in suits in a corresponding color or pattern for those attendants who prefer not to wear a dress is a perfect addition.

When all your friends are in a row, with flowers mixed in bringing it all together, the feeling is cohesive, cool, and of course, eclectic. This trend has gotten so hot, some attendants are actually exchanging attire with each other after the event to wear in other friends’ weddings, getting more bang for their buck and freshening up the look without the added cost, aside from a quick trip to the dry cleaner. Let’s face it, weddings are an investment to be a part of these days, from destination pre-parties and purchasing gifts for the shower and wedding day to traveling and accommodations for a weekend of events. Having the option to save a bit can be helpful for everyone!


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