25 Ways to Celebrate the Most Festive Time of Year in Rhode Island

It's a very Rhody holiday time

Get into the spirit of the season with these holiday suggestions

Holiday Guide

11 Ways to Meet Santa in Rhode Island

While the sleigh is getting its final tune up for the big night, expect Santa to make his appearance by carousel, fire truck and boat.

Holiday Guide

The Ornament Rescue League turns Forgotten Treasures Into New Memories

A local group takes old ornaments and uses them to do good for the community

Holiday Guide

The Family You Choose: Why You Need Friendsgiving

Celebrating the season with friends might just keep you sane.

Holiday Guide

Horace Vose, the Turkey King of Westerly

Horace Vose bred big, Rhody grown turkeys for the First Family in the last decades of the 19th century


Wreath Design 101

Make your own wreath with items in your backyard

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Holiday Guide

Festive Feasting: Holiday Foods Around Rhode Island

These seasonal favorites won’t be around forever - better eat them now

Holiday Guide

6 Rhode Island Farms That Raise Happy and Healthy Turkeys

Turkeys from local farms are raised humanely, free to roam green pastures, and are fed well.