Cider Donut Tour

Around the state with Patty J


Before pumpkin spice everything (first it was lattes and now, you can find candles, body wash, protein powder, and the list goes on…) started marking the arrival of autumn in the Northeast, there were apple cider donuts. The fall treats, fried up cake-style with a taste that’s both sweet and tangy, and usually served plain or with a dusting of cinnamon or powdered sugar on top, have since gone on to garner classic eats status. And you can still find some of the best ones right here in Rhode Island – if you know where to look. So, with that in mind, here are spots you “donut” want to miss out on this season.

Confreda Greenhouses & Farms, Cranston
People come from all over for the traditional apple cider donuts at Confreda, and as of a few years ago, they’ve also added apple cider donut slushies. They’ve taken the apple cider donut that everyone loves so much and turned it into an edible garnish for an apple cider-based drink that you’ll find yourself fall-ing for!

Appleland Orchard, Greenville
It’s an autumnal rite of passage around these parts. Yes, I’m talking about taking a ride over to Appleland, where you can immerse yourself in the joys of this time of year: apple picking, apple pies, and made-daily-on-the-premises apple cider donuts (let’s call ‘em, ACDs). And they have these scrumptious goodies available every single day now through the holidays.

Ma’s Donuts And More, Middletown
If you’re looking for a late-night ACD this season (or a pastry year-round), then it’s gotta be Ma’s in Middletown, which is open 24/7. They are also a fave among the locals for their coffee and custom decorated donut cakes.

Young Family Farm, Little Compton
A drive through the town of Little Compton is always a delight, no matter the time of year. Add a stop at Young Family Farm for some ACDs this fall (available on the weekends only) and the enjoyment factor gets ramped up exponentially. In other words, yum!

Knight Farm Apple Orchard & Farmer's Omelette Breakfast, North Scituate
I originally discovered the restaurant at Knight Farm on a Sunday morning in late September when I was desperately in search of some breakfast (some might say hangry?) and coffee. While there, I spied plenty of people walking out with brown paper bags full of their freshly made, delish ACDs. Go early and get some for yourself before they sell out!

Jaswell’s Farm, Smithfield
Just when you thought apple cider donuts couldn’t get any better! The folks at Jaswell’s are slicing them in half and adding some Warwick Ice Cream to create a truly scrumptious take on the traditional ice cream sandwich. They’re destined to become your new foodie tradition this fall.