Summer Guide

Rules for Summer Eating in RI

16 ways to have the tastiest, most Rhode Island summer ever


1. Stop at the sign of the lemon on the first sunny summer day.
2. Break out the clam rake.
3. Run on dunkin’... clam cakes into chowder.
4. Cool down with a cabinet, or a cold pizza strip.
5. Order a dozen oysters from your favorite grower. Pair with bubbly and a view of Narragansett Bay. Repeat.
6. Crack a lobster in record time.
7. Ask for extra drawn butter and lemon (with everything).
8. Start every meal with calamari, the official state appetizer.
9. Don’t forget an order of stuffies - the unofficial state side dish.
10. Watch the line for doughboys curl around the block.
11. Mark every clambake on your calendar.
13. Show a newbie how to eat steamers.
14. Drink your iced coffee before the ice melts.
15. Get the Saugys grillin.’
16. Get the ‘Gansetts chillin’.

It’s summah. Don’t waste a single bite of Rhode Island’s most delicious season.