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A Fare Share


Anyone who has worked in the service industry has seen the huge quantities of food that get thrown away – food that is still perfectly good, but no longer up to the strict safety requirements that restaurants are required to follow. John Tarrats, a longtime server at 10 Prime Steak and Sushi, watched meal after meal go to waste – until he decided to do something about it. “Approximately 160-295 billion pounds of food per year is wasted in America,” Tarrats says. “The surplus food could be re-directed to local area food pantries and public charity missions to feed people.” In response to that, he and a group of concerned people started A Fare Share, an organization that connects places with surplus food to charities who feed the hungry. While this kind of work was once not possible because of liability issues with food donation, as board member Sheila Guay explains, “Organizations are eager to participate in our program when they learn that they are protected from liability under the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act, and that otherwise wasted food from their event will be re-purposed and put to good use. The positive response each time that I have asked an organization to participate is very motivating.”

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