Influencer: Jason Cahill

The Preppygangsta brings his brand to the next level with an atelier in Cranston


How did the name Preppygangstas come about?

Preppygangstas came from a nickname for me. I started thinking, wow, that’s a friggin’ super cool name for a store or space where preppygangstas and their friends can express themselves and find things they like that are super Uptown/Downtown. So really,  I’m THE preppygangsta and adding the “s” makes it possible to ascribe the name to anyone who wishes to assume the lifestyle category. For the past five years or so I’ve been building the brand exclusively on Instagram and thought by now it was time to take things to the next level with an actual space and diversified product line.


You characterize your brand as “street meets über lux in home decor and next level other shizzle.” Could you elaborate?

The concept comes from a childhood love for skateboarding, punk rock, and prep all at the same time. For me, a room built in the Preppygangstas style may encompass Schumacher wallpaper, an old Persian rug, perhaps a few skateboards on the walls, and a chic Jonathan Adler chandelier! I do decorating and design as well with clients and basically work within their boundaries, putting the PG touch on it to create that little twist that becomes the showstopper.


What can people expect to find at The Preppygangstas Atelier?

Shopping is a feeling! The main idea behind The Preppygangstas Atelier is to offer clients a new interesting and exciting place to shop. Clients can expect to find an array of home and lifestyle products ranging from beautiful 100-year-old oars to Supreme basketballs, street and graffiti art, as well as furniture and lighting ranging from $25 to $2,000 and more.


What are your favorite small businesses around Rhode Island and why?

In Providence, Wendy at Wendy Brown Home is super friendly and offers such a great array of home decor and especially her bespoke linens! Line Daems, owner of Kreatelier, is a complete guru of all things textile. Simple Pleasures has such an array of wonderful things. For a good brunch and solid tea, Schasteâ, and Den Den for awesome Asian cuisine. Wald & Sea in Newport has beautiful things.


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