Rhody Reads: Six Books Perfect for Beach

June 2022


In the words of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, summer readin’ had me a blast. This month’s Rhody Reads has six recommendations to help you decide the critical question, “What book should I bring to the beach?” Whether you fill your tote bag with books or save these to escape those hot nights indoors, you’re sure to go crazy for these engrossing tales
by local authors.

There are few more idyllic images of summer than the beaches and mansions of Newport. In the novel The Lost Summers of Newport, authors Beatriz Williams, Lauren Willig, and Karen White weave a history-spanning tale revealing that nothing is ever as perfect and pristine as it seems in this timeless city by the sea. See what secrets these three authors expose. 

Head back to Providence circa 1967 for a gripping exploration of the lives of three adults struggling with questions of who they are and who they’re meant to be. Diane Josefowicz’s debut novel, Ready, Set, Oh weaves together the stories of a medical student, an artist, and an astronomer in the middle of a war where every decision they make has life-changing implications. 

Summer means getting away and you can fly the friendly skies with Ann Hood in her new memoir, Fly Girl. Relive the days when air travel meant glamor and the flight itself was an enchanting part of the experience. Funny, nostalgic, and poignant, Hood’s tales will leave you longing for days left behind. 

With a title like Ocean State and a cover featuring a well-lit porch looking out on the sea, Stewart O’Nan’s latest novel simply says summer. It’s the tale of a murder that is no mystery but you’ll be drawn in by the lives and circumstances that led to the crime, as well as the fallout. If you think you know quiet little Ashaway, you haven’t seen anything yet! 

The LA rock star romance in Elle Greco’s Free Falling is hotter than a TMZ headline. When former child star Reese lashes out against the Hollywood machine, she pays the price and loses her way. Then she meets a sizzling hot guitar player, who might help her get back on track. Or will his own past mess up their plans for a big-time happy ending? 

If plugging in earbuds and listening to a story while lying in a hammock is your idea of reading, check out the Audible-only book Young Rich Widows by Vanessa Lillie with co-authors Kimberly Belle, Layne Fargo, and Cate Holahan. Four women join together to solve the mysterious deaths of their lawyer husbands. It takes place in Providence in 1985, where everyone is a suspect! 


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