5 Local Makers On a Mission to Elevate Your Pet’s Palate

From donuts to biscuits, treat your dog to scratch-made snacks from local businesses


There’s no better way to compliment your “good boy” (or girl!) than with a tasty treat – and Rhode Island has plenty of makers crafting artisan snacks using everything from blueberries and peanut butter to spent grain. Satisfy your pet’s palate by shopping flavorful, healthy, and downright adorable eats from these small local businesses.


Buppy Pets

Developing flavorful dog treats since 2017, Buppy Pets (a combo of “baby” and “puppy”) takes a less-is-more approach using only a handful of wholesome ingredients, like organic bone broth, berries, and peanut butter. “We wanted to share the food experience with our pets without the guilt since our dogs always wanted to eat what we're eating,” says owner Lauren Ruggerio, “so we created recipes that were crafted to share, and the rest is history.” Personalized treat packages can be ordered online, and products can be found at lots of local pet shops, cafes, and shops. BuppyPets.com


Jack’s Snacks

Commemorate another year with your four-legged friend by ordering a birthday cake from Jack’s Snacks – these canine confections created to your specifications are certainly a spectacle to behold. The Warwick bake (or rather, bark) shop also carries several other types of doggie and kitty snacks made in their store using human-grade ingredients, including Woofie Pies, Party Pizza, and even frozen yogurt. The shop’s name is a homage to the owners’ late pup Jack, whose legacy lives on in every bite. 158 Greenwich Avenue, Warwick, JacksSnacks.com


Lilly's Bone to Pick

An “upscale, unique, environmentally conscious, and snarky" pet lifestyle brand, according to their website, Lilly’s Bone to Pick is based out of Hope & Main in Warren and uses human-grade ingredients – that means you won’t find any additives or preservatives. Sharon Lupo opened the business in honor of her beloved Lilly, who passed away in 2020 and was the number-one fan of her irresistible creations, all pup-tested and approved. Find treats, as well as other fun goodies, at local pup-up events, retail shops, and online. LillysBoneToPick.com


Lucy's Dog Treats

Craft brew lovers will appreciate the process behind Lucy’s Dog Treats, which use spent grain – often from Bravo Brewing Company in Pascoag. “The first step in brewing beer is soaking barley and possibly wheat, rye, corn, or rice in hot water,” explains owner Kelly Polak. “When finished, the liquid is drained and used to make beer. The wet mash that remains is called spent grain, and since it’s full of fiber and protein, it is often used as livestock feed or compost.” Alcohol-free and great for milling into flour, it’s the perfect base for a dog treat. “We love that we are able to reuse and recycle such a nutritious by-product of the beer brewing industry," continues Polak. Look for a heart-shaped treat in every bag! LucysDogBiscuits.com


Power “Pup” Treats, LLC

If your dog begs for donuts, Power “Pup” Treats has the solution. Cute on the outside, tasty on the inside, these scratch-made “pastries” are healthy, too. Owner and top doggie chef Christine Karouz shares, “I got into the industry due to my dogs having severe food allergies, and to be honest I couldn't pronounce most of the ingredients in the treats I would buy for my dogs, so I started making my own.” Karouz also crafts canine versions of cinnamon buns, frosted cookies, a Barkuterie Board, Pupcakes, and more, found at retail stores across the state. 8 Nathaniel Street, East Providence, PowerPupTreats.com



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