Anthony Costa

Owner and Barber at Skip's Barbershop in PVD


This week on the show, we're dancing on the fringes of comedy, mixing laughter with precise cuts, all thanks to the unparalleled skill of Anthony Costa! As the mastermind behind the buzzing chairs at Skip's Barber Shop with locations in both South Boston and Providence, Anthony excels at crafting the ideal hairstyle and welcoming atmosphere.

Join Chris, Jenna, and Anthony as they take a deep dive into the essence of Rhode Island, navigating the distinctive fusion of culture, history, and personal evolution that defines our local communities. Kicking off with a sincere introduction that lays the groundwork for a voyage through time and identity, this episode zeroes in on the remarkable saga of Skip's Barbershop. 

From the reverberations of Providence in the '90s to an intriguing shift from culinary arts to barbering, they're weaving a narrative filled with stories that illuminate the force of passion and underscore the value of inclusivity. Plus, they unravel the layers of Rhode Island's varied food scene and uncover the singular features that render Skip's Barbershop a cherished treasure in the Federal Hill neighborhood.

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