Brown University's STEM Day Dives Deep Into Science for Local High Schoolers

This annual event offers hands-on workshops and college journey discussions for Providence students


Brown University's campus buzzed with excitement as hundreds of high school students from five Rhode Island high schools came together for the annual STEM Day this past Tuesday, March 26. This event, designed to spark interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), offered a series of interactive workshops and discussions about science and college opportunities.

The workshops spanned a variety of subjects, such as the molecular composition of crystals, brain functionality, 3D printing, and environmental science, showcasing the broadness and depth of STEM fields. Each session began with a brief lecture, followed by hands-on activities that underscored the real-world relevance of scientific concepts. "It helped me see that [science] relates to everything," remarked 10th grader Cindy Pagan.

Beyond the labs, STEM Day included presentations on college admissions, academic life, and career paths, aiming to demystify the college experience for attendees. Lourdes Rodriguez, also a 10th grader at Central High School, found inspiration in the panelists' stories, noting, "Seeing these experiences is something that can inspire you to do as well in the future."

Initiated in 2017 by Brown chemistry faculty members Jerome Robinson, Brenda Rubenstein, and Ou Chen, STEM Day has evolved into a catalyst for ongoing engagement with STEM. The initiative has fostered partnerships between Brown and local schools, leading to mentorship opportunities, grants, and equipment donations, extending the event's influence far beyond a single day. For more information, visit


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