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Meet new friends and support local businesses at monthly meet-ups brought to you by a local influencer


In the heart of Rhode Island's thriving social scene, Jamie Long, the visionary force behind the RI Cocktail Club, opens the door to a world where the art of mixology becomes a catalyst for community and connection. Known for curating delightful experiences through @TastingRI and @HoppyPurrfection on Instagram, Long steps into the spotlight as the sole creator and organizer of the Rhode Island Cocktail Club, a testament to her passion for food, cocktails, and community.

In Long’s words, "Rhode Island Cocktail Club not only helps people connect with others but also supports our small local businesses," echoing a commitment to fostering bonds and bolstering the local economy. This passion project, born in April 2023, thrives with biweekly gatherings every second and fourth Friday or Saturday, offering a social haven for those eager to explore Rhode Island's vibrant cocktail scene.

Welcoming all individuals aged 21 and above, the club stands as an inclusive community hub, devoid of memberships, fees, or RSVP requirements. It emerges as a safe space where friendships flourish, connections are forged, and the joy of discovering new cocktail haunts becomes a shared experience.

It's mission is clear — to uncover new friendships and connections, creating a secure environment for individuals to meet and mingle. Looking ahead, Long envisions expanding the club's horizons, contemplating classes and additional social events to complement the biweekly rendezvous. Her aspirations extend to exploring hidden cocktail gems and eateries scattered across Rhode Island, promising exciting adventures for the cocktail club’s community. As the club continues to evolve, Long's dedication to enriching social experiences and weaving a tight-knit community remains at its core.

The next meet-up is on Saturday, January 13th, at 4 pm with Fundati Coffee in Lincoln. Join Long and others to socialize while indulging in fantastic cocktails. By day, Fundati Coffee is a cozy cafe, transforming into a haven for specialty cocktails on special evenings. On this particular night, savor the delightful offerings of espresso martinis and wine, elevating the experience. Look out for the Rhode Island Cocktail Club banner and balloon as your guide to the festivities, where everyone sports name tags. Stay informed about upcoming events by following Rhode Island Cocktail Club on Instagram or Facebook.

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