Find Your New Favorite Holiday Dessert at These Rhode Island Bakeries

Nine local shops baking up festive seasonal treats


If your love language is sharing desserts but baking isn’t your forte, thankfully Rhode Island is home to a vast selection of bakeries – and they’re pulling out all the stops for the festive season! From traditional bites to creative takes, statewide shops are filling their pastry cases with  classic gingerbread cookies, apple pies, almost-too-cute-to-eat cakes, and much more. 

Items stocked are subject to change throughout the season – always call or visit the respective websites for the most up-to-date menu offerings and availability.

Antonio's Bakery

Step inside Antonio's Bakery and be greeted by the delightful aromas of warm pastries. Expect a pastry case filled with delectable fruit tarts, fluffy holiday-themed cupcakes, and classic Italian panettone. Don't forget to pick up a few colorful, hand-decorated sugar cookies that exude Christmas cheer. Warwick,

Borrelli's Bakery

With a legacy spanning over a century, Borrelli's Bakery is a beloved institution in Rhode Island. Bring a taste of Italy to your family gatherings by ordering a round of fresh-baked cannolis stuffed with sweet ricotta filling, or savor the rich and creamy tiramisu sure to wow your guests. Providence,

Colonial Bakery

With its welcoming ambiance and irresistible aroma, this family-owned Portuguese bakery is a must-visit for any dessert lover. This season’s menu showcases an assortment of traditional favorites like homemade eggnog, frosted sugar cookies, and beautifully decorated holiday cakes – all crafted with a keen attention to detail and dedication to using high-quality ingredients. Cumberland, Facebook: Colonial Bakery


Vesta Bakery

This hidden gem is known for its artisanal pastries and desserts, with a holiday menu boasting an impressive selection, including delectable gingerbread cookies, rich fruitcakes, and mouthwatering Yule logs. Don't forget to try their apple pie, a warm and comforting treat that captures the essence of the season. Westerly,

Scialo Brothers Bakery

This family-owned establishment has been delighting its customers for generations, and shines this time of year with  a delightful selection of treats ranging from festive gingerbread houses to intricately decorated themed cupcakes. For a unique twist, try their signature Holiday Bliss' cake, layered with seasonal flavors like cinnamon, cranberry, and nutmeg. Providence, Scialo Brothers Bakery


Thrive Cakery

A specialty bakery that prides itself on crafting artistic and delicious cookies, Thrive’s holiday offerings include an extensive range of festive flavors, such as caramel apple pie, coquito, and peppermint brookie. Whether you're looking for a show-stopping centerpiece or delightful bite-sized treats, Thrive Cakery has you covered. Warwick,


Solitro's Bakery

Known for its wholesome and sumptuous desserts made from scratch using time-honored recipes, holidays at Solitro’s mean plenty of pecan pie, gingerbread cheesecake, and chocolate peppermint cookies. Customize your order with their selection of gluten-free and vegan options, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a taste of the holidays. Cranston,


Silver Spoon Bakery

Silver Spoon Bakery offers a delightful array of holiday desserts that are as beautiful as they are delicious. From intricately designed gingerbread houses to elegantly crafted holiday-themed cakes, their creations are guaranteed to be the centerpiece of any family gathering. Don't miss their mouthwatering assortment of festive cupcakes and cookies, perfect for gifting or indulging. East Greenwich,

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