Winter Guide

Find Your Zen Place

10 ways to follow your bliss, cultivate mindfulness and check out for a minute, all over Rhode Island


These days, we’re in a time epidemic. Resolve to check out for an hour or two – and check in with yourself.

Clear Your Mind
Meditation and mindfulness have been proven to help everything from stress to high blood pressure to insomnia. Get started with the Rhode Island Community of Mindfulness, which hosts monthly meditation sessions all over the state, like Mind Tamers on the second and fourth Tuesday in Barrington, Generations Sangha on the second Saturday in East Greenwich and Joyfully Together Sangha on Wednesday evenings in Providence.

Take 40
All That Matters is a yoga studio with locations in Wakefield, East Greenwich and Providence. Their 40 Day Revolution will give you an entirely new perspective on yourself and how you interact with the world. The program involves weekly (or daily) yoga practice, meditation, nutrition guidance and daily inspiration to make you, for once, actually make yourself and your peace of mind a priority. The program is intense, but it really is a personal revolution, in the best possible way.

Embrace Eastern Meditation
The Providence Zen Center in Cumberland is the closest thing you’re going to find to Japan in Rhode Island. The retreat has a main building that offers weekly meditation instruction and sessions, a monastery and walking paths on their serene 50 acre property. On Wednesdays, the Zen Center offers free walk-in introduction to meditation, and sitting and walking meditation sessions to help you find your own zen place.

Color Your World

The Rogers Free Library in Bristol has a Thursday morning Coloring Group, for adults to zone out of stress and zone in to coloring inside the lines… or outside, depending on what feels right at that moment.

Enjoy The Journey

The Water Journey at Newport’s Bodhi Spa is a tiny vacation. The hydrotherapy facility is a series of hot and cold mineral plunge pools and saunas designed to clean out toxins and boost your lymphatic system. Plus, it just feels really wonderful to be so warm and relaxed during such a cold season.

Om Is where the heart is

Pawtucket’s Om Kids Yoga offers joint classes for toddlers and grownups and kids-only yoga, but their Parent Child Retreats are really something special. The two and a half hour sessions - open to all parents and kids - include yoga, cupcakes and bonding activities like love letter writing and foot rubs.

Sweat It Out
You could blast the heat in your car, or just start eating a lot more hot sauce, but nothing will feel as good as the sweat you’ll make at Raffa Yoga’s Urban Sweat. The Cranston yoga studio and wellness center has a huge area devoted to heated rooms designed for specific health benefits, like the Himalayan Salt Grotto that boosts your respiratory system, or the Yellow Turmeric Room Dry Sauna to reduce inflammation.

Make Meditation a Family Value
The weekends are so full and so fast that they feel like a blur come Monday morning. Take a family timeout on Sunday morning at Providence’s Atisha Kadampa Buddhist Center with Meditation for Kids and Families. Parents and kids spend an hour of meaningful mindfulness clearing their heads and bonding in a totally different way.

Eat Mindfully
The Grange is one of Providence’s best vegetarian restaurants. On Mondays, the good vibes go one step further: the restaurant tries to go cellphone free. Mindful Monday gives 10% off the bill to people who leave their phones with the hostess for their meal.

Shine Bright Like a Diamond
Tiffany Peay has built her fine jewelry design business on the idea that gems aren’t just gems - they can beautify and heal. In addition to her baubles, she also creates GemWater, which adds the healing properties of crystals to water bottles and wands to boost the vitality of water. Tiffany recently added a Crystal Bed to her store in Tiverton Four Corners, which is a healing modality where you spend 20 minutes (or more) in the positive-energy-filled space clearing your mind and connecting with your highest self.

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