Hit the Trail with Rhody-Made Jerky, Granola, and More

Eight tasty and nutritious bites to stow in your fanny pack for fall outings


The temps may be dropping, but the satisfying crunch of fallen leaves underfoot invites plenty of opportunities for autumnal adventures. To fuel your outing, there’s no need to mix your own GORP (good old raisins and peanuts) – these Rhody makers have perfected everything from granola to beef jerky, ideal for hiking the state.


Beautiful Day Granola

This snack brand’s mission is twofold: making some of the tastiest granola and muesli around and giving refugees settling in Rhode Island a leg up in the job market through paid, hands-on training. Feel good about enjoying bags or bars filled with healthy, sweet and savory ingredients, available at farmers markets, local grocers, and online. BeautifulDayRI.org


Branchish Beef Jerky

This husband-and-wife owned company is inspired by spending meaningful moments in nature and specializes in thick-cut, exceptional-quality jerky thoughtfully handcrafted in Chepachet. It’s available in nine mouth-watering flavors, including bourbon (wowza), smoke, dill, teriyaki, heat (not for the faint of heart), and more, all available online. BranchishJerky.com



The perfect nosh for folks with food sensitivities, Saron Mechale devised goTeff from the ancient Ethiopian grain teff, and it’s free of gluten, nuts, and dairy. Bring this superfood, which comes in lots of flavors, along on the trail, or keep some in your pantry to use as a finishing touch on a morning yogurt bowl, fruit plate, or even salad topping. GoTeff.com


Hank’s Protein Plus

Nutritionist and founder Hank Capasso makes high-protein almond and peanut spreads in Pawtucket that are worlds away from the sugary peanut butter many of us grew up on. Take these tasty whey-protein nut butters (or vegan pea protein versions) with you to eat on their own or as add-ons to your stash of crackers or veggie sticks. HanksProteinPlus.com


Newport Jerky Company

Neighbors and tourists alike are wild about this epicurean take on beef jerky with flavors like sea salt, beer, pepper, and even whiskey. For the more daring, discover jerky made from alligator, kangaroo, and python, plus a vegetarian option. Visit the shop for an impressive array of gourmet jams, sauces, nuts, and more. NewportJerkyCompany.com



Launched in 2011 by Dinos and Katelyn Stamoulis, this grain-free, non-GMO granola in delightful blends of nuts, seeds, berries, and coconut is made in a historic mill in Pawtucket. Found on the shelves of grocery stores, opt for

their original or one of many flavors, including the fall-tastic Maple Pancake, Apple Pie, and Pumpkin Pie. Paleonola.com


Sacred Cow Granola

If you only associate Munroe Dairy with milk and ice cream, get ready for some exciting news. Owner Rob Armstrong teamed up with his best friend Maureen Maloney to create hand-crafted granola. Yes, the taste and texture of Sacred Cow Granola does indeed live up to their tagline, “the Holy Granola Experience.” It’s a must-try for outdoor adventures. Sacred-Cow-Granola.myshopify.com


Shri Bark Snacks

Created by local news anchor and yoga teacher Alison Bologna as a snack for her students, these squares (made of seeds, oats, and fruit) come in flavors like Cranberry Cinnamon Spice and Salted Caramel Apple, and are available statewide in retail shops and home delivery. Proceeds from these allergen-friendly treats benefit outreach programs. ShriBarkSnacks.com



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