INFLUENCER: Amy Larson of Overseasoned

Equal parts design, activism, and cooking are a recipe for success for this Rhode Island-based apparel and kitchen goods creator


The goods you create through your Overseasoned brand are available nationwide, and three collections even give back a portion of proceeds to organizations including Planned Parenthood. How did it all begin?

I started my business in 2016 publishing recipes in monthly zines, highlighting the key, seasonal ingredients to cook from that month. Then in January of 2017 in the wake of the Women's March, I penned my first slogan, “Smash the Garlic and the Patriarchy,” and began printing it on tea towels, tote bags, and aprons. Customers and stores started requesting it on other products and my merchandising business started growing. I began coming up with other slogans that intersect food and feminism like “Cabernet and Equal Pay” and “Shuck the Patriarchy”.

You recently relocated to Rhode Island from Cambridge. What brought you here?

I loved living in Cambridge but am originally from Portsmouth and after almost 10 years of city living, my husband and I wanted to move to RI to get more living space and access to the beautiful coast. 

What are your bestsellers and what makes those items resonate with customers?

The Smash the Garlic and the Patriarchy design was my first creation and it continues to be a bestseller; I came out with the Shuck the Patriarchy collection in 2022 and that is also a bestseller. Lately people are really loving the Hot Girls Eat Pasta and Hot Girls Eat Bread lines as well. I think all of these designs respond to a societal frustration in my customers and that's why they resonate so well. Like, the people who are loving the Hot Girls Eat Bread line are sick of diet culture and a male-dominated society telling women how they should look, dress, and eat. And then the Shuck the Patriarchy collection speaks to a special demographic of people (many of whom are in New England) who love oysters and hate the patriarchy. 

Where do you like to eat and shop around Providence?

Madrid European Bakery, Pizza Marvin, Little Sister, PVDonuts, KNEAD, Ceremony, Hawes Fine Foods, Glou, Stock PVD, The Nest, and Rebelle Bagels are some of my favorites.

Any upcoming market events?
We'll be popping up at PVD Flea this March and April at their indoor market. Check our events schedule on the website for the most up-to-date calendar at


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