Influencer: Jim Fortier of Blueprint 5 in East Greenwich Helps Men Look Their Best

February 2024

What is the origin story of Blueprint 5?

I have always loved clothes. There was nothing more exciting on the first day of school than picking out the clothes to show off to your friends. While in Providence for college, I worked part-time at Briggs Ltd. [a fine men’s clothing emporium] and enjoyed it. I learned a lot and then went to work in Boston where I learned even more at Ralph Lauren. I ended up back in Providence and picked up a job at Marc Allen Fine Clothiers, where I learned even more. All of these experiences led me to have my shop in East Greenwich. All of the people on the way showed me something to get me to where I am today. It is my job to bring the newest and most exciting clothes from around the world back to Rhode Island.


How has your own fashion sense evolved through the years?

Before Saturday Night Fever I was wearing paisley bell bottoms and satin shirts – it was what was edgy at the time – and platform denim shoes were amazing! My aesthetic today is tailored, trim, and comfortable. I love products with stretch; they move with your body. I am a bigger guy so comfort is key!


What is the appeal of tailored clothing?

I love custom because it is made for you. You get to choose the details like the lining, buttons, and the overall style of the garment. Custom says something about the person wearing it; it says they are detail-focused, maybe a bit eccentric, an individual, and a maverick. It says they took the time to care about how they presented themself to the world. Real custom takes time. It is not for those who seek instant gratification. Nothing is delivered by drone the day after you order it. Part of the sex appeal of custom is the non-rushed low-tech approach. 


Any advice for someone wanting to build a wardrobe?

If you don’t have a lot of clothes, keep to the basics and build from there. I tell guys all the time to just try something on. Many times they are surprised how much they like something they would never pick for themselves. We have a lot of fun here at Blueprint 5.


Any spots to recommend perfect for rocking your wardrobe and strutting your stuff?

My favorite new place is Bar’Lino Pizzeria e Ristorante in Johnston. Chic, casual, and delicious. Try the Branzino. It will knock your socks off – if you are wearing any. Learn more at; @blueprint.5



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