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10 easy lifestyle changes for a greener planet


Sure, you recycle and use energy efficient light bulbs. But there’s so many other easy ways to reduce energy and waste within your own home. Here’s 10 simple ways to go green(er).

1. Plastic water bottles are a massive drain on our energy resources, from barrels of oil for creation to fuel for transportation. Even if you drink just one per day, you’re personally contributing 365 to the recycle bin annually.
Green tip: Invest in a filtered pitcher or water filtration system, and eco-friendly water bottles. 

2. Plugged in appliances and devices consume energy even when they’re not turned on. Green tip: Use power strips for your charging stations and other areas where you have multiple cords plugged in, and turn them off when they are not in use.

3. Plastic bags cannot be recycled and are a significant contributor to the landfill.
Green time: Most supermarkets have an in-house recycling program. Better yet, purchase reusable shopping bags and ditch the plastic all together.

4. Coffee cups, for those of you buying one each day, are another wasteful habit.
Green tip: Bring an insulated thermos to the coffee shop instead. Some local coffee
houses even offer a small discount for bringing your own cup.

5. Paper bills not only are a bummer to pay, but are an unnecessary waste.
Green tip: Opt for e-bills and e-banking for an easy way to cut down on paper usage.

6. Paper towels are a modern day convenience, but a whopping 3,000 tons are disposed a year by Americans.
Green tip: Create rags of old clothes to clean with, and use dishtowels to wipe up spills.

7. Junk mail is a nuisance in our mailboxes and our environment.
Green tip: Unsubscribe from catalogues you don’t want, and stop unsolicited credit offers at optoutprescreen.com 

8. Recycle bins are typically found only in the kitchen, but trash piles up around the house.
Green tip: Place a reciprocal for recycling in each room that has a trash bin, like the bathroom (for toilet paper tubes and tissues), laundry room and office.

9. Washing clothes with heated water can use up to 80% more energy than non-heated.
Green tip: You guess it – use cold water instead.

10. Disposable containers not only use harmful when heated plastic, but widen your carbon footprint.
Green tip: Mason jars are trendy right now, but their eco-friendly glass functionality makes them a classic solution.

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