Maker: From Vermont to Northern Rhode Island

Jamie Holcomb’s Green Mountain TableWorx is New England’s Largest Supplier of Live Edge Furniture


When Jamie Holcomb built his first wood table in the live edge style in his garage, he never could have imagined it would turn into his next business endeavor. Live edge pieces are designed to embrace the natural curves of the trees, meaning each item is inherently unique. Holcomb now owns and operates the largest handcrafted table manufacturer in New England. Based in the Esmond section of Smithfield, Green Mountain TableWorx specializes in creating one-of-a-kind live edge wood pieces.

“It was an accident,” says Holcomb on starting this venture seven years ago. After producing a few pieces for his own home, he began selling his handcrafted tables on Craigslist and quickly noticed great potential. Forgoing his dream of retirement, Holcomb created Green Mountain TableWorx to reach a larger market for New England-made pieces. The business was relocated from Vermont to Rhode Island during the pandemic, and goods are now designed, built, and manufactured in Smithfield.

Today, Green Mountain TableWorx offers a variety of live edge wood pieces including wall art, tables, countertops, and more, currently producing about 120 tables a week. “Every piece we design, there is not one like it in the world,” says Holcomb.

Many of their popular tables include some form of resin set in the table’s natural grain. From custom pieces to stock orders, they offer multiple styles and collections. The Voltage Collection features pieces charged with electricity to undergo a fracking process resulting in unique craters and channels that appear in “lightning-like bursts.” The “bursts” are then filled with colored resin.

Perhaps their most popular offerings are tables from the River line, which feature resin poured between pieces of wood to give the appearance of a body of water. Now with computerized numerical control (CNC) technology, they can even create scaled renditions of Google Map locations to construct replicas of popular coastline areas or even a lake house.

The River tables also offer the opportunity for an interactive experience by including rocks or sand within the resin stream. Holcomb recalls stories of special order tables created as a way to preserve a loved one’s memory, such as a widow who used her table to preserve a heart stone left behind by her late husband, or a mother and son who had the stones they collected together sealed into their table.

One of Holcomb’s favorite parts is the eternal gratification he experiences in making these works of art. He explains the organic live edge style is no longer viewed as just a trend, and the popularity spans across age groups and demographics from a lawyer in Brooklyn to a cabin in the mountains. Sealed and finished, the wood tables are durable and can be cleaned with just soap and hot water, which makes for an heirloom -quality investment.


Green Mountain TableWorx’s Smithfield location offers a small retail selection, but all pieces can be custom created on request. Learn more at



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